2: Rabbi Alyson Solomon

In June, my family and I went to San Diego to attend a bar mitzvah for my friend’s son. During the activities that weekend, we attended a shabbat service. Compared to Methodist and Catholic services I attended in the past, I noticed the shabbat service had more detailed rituals around mourning. There were timeframes of a week, a month, and a year for members of the congregation to acknowledge loved ones they lost. I was curious to learn more about these traditions, and my friend suggested I reach out to Rabbi Solomon since she has such an engaging personality. As you’ll hear, Rabbi Solomon passionately talks about her work and why she does it.

You can learn more about Rabbi Solomon on her congregation's website (https://cbisd.org/about/clergy/rabbi-alyson-solomon/) and on her own website (http://www.thisisras.com/).