9: Jen and Ben Tsai

My in-laws Jen (Chu-Jen) and Ben (Yi-Ben) Tsai moved to the US over 50 years ago to earn advanced degrees. They know my history and my mom but also have interesting life stories of their own to share, including the struggles and dangers of growing up in rural Taiwan and being the first in their immediate families to move to the US.

After a nine-year fight with lymphoma, my father-in-law died on January 31st, 2018. With deep respect and appreciation for my in-laws, I share this conversation I recorded in their dining room in July 2017.


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7: Rick Richman

I talk with Rick Richman, Founder and CEO of Firepie, about overcoming challenges in his life, including a truly tragic loss and personal challenges few are willing to discuss openly. He talks about his perseverance through all that pain and eventually leaving a high-paying tech job to start his own business.

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